EasyScale: for Spoonflower

The Ultimate Time-Saver for Surface Pattern Designers!

Say goodbye to hours of manual scaling and hello to a revolutionized workflow with EasyScale for Spoonflower, your new one-click wonder Photoshop script.

Your Secret Weapon for Efficient Pattern Design


Are you a surface pattern designer tired of resizing patterns for Spoonflower? Do you find yourself caught in an exhausting loop of adjusting scales? My groundbreaking Photoshop script, EasyScale for Spoonflower, is your solution. With just one click, transform your designs into six different scales, each meticulously named with the size at the end of the filename, and saved in Spoonflower's preferred 150 DPI.


Saves Precious Time & Effortless Organization:

Streamlines your workflow with one-click scaling and automatic filename appending, giving you back hours for creativity.

Perfect Precision & Optimized for Spoonflower:

Delivers designs in six different scales with perfect 150 DPI, tailored for Spoonflowerā€™s diverse needs, ensuring your patterns are always ready to impress.

Exclusive to Photoshop Users:

Designed specifically for Photoshop, EasyScale integrates seamlessly into your creative process, enhancing efficiency and ease of use.

Don't Get Left Behind: Reclaim Your Time with EasyScale for Spoonflower!

Wave goodbye to the hassle of pattern scaling and hello to endless creativity with EasyScale for Spoonflower. Unlock the secret to effortlessly perfect patterns and let the spotlight shine on your Spoonflower designs. You're more than a designer; you're a trendsetter shaping the future. With EasyScale, there's no ceiling to what you can achieve. Dive in and transform your design workflow today!"

EasyScale: For Spoonflower


Photoshop Script

  • Effortless Resizing: Automatically scales your patterns to Spoonflowerā€™s preferred sizes.
  • Seamless Organization: Automatically appends size information to file names.
  • Print Perfection: Ensures all designs are saved in Spoonflower-ready 150 DPI.
  • Easy Learning Curve: Includes an instructional video for simple installation and use.