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EasyScale for Spoonflower -Photoshop Script (Amanda Grace Design)

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1. Copyright: File and scripts included in this set are the intellectual property of Amanda Grace Design and are protected by copyright laws. You are only allowed to use the script for personal or commercial projects, but you may not resell, share, distribute, or claim ownership of the script.

2. Permitted Use: You are allowed to use the EasyScale script to scale your designs that you will upload for sale on Spoonflower.com or any other POD site.

3. Prohibited Use: You are not allowed to resell, sublicense, distribute, or share the EasyScale script(s) in any form, whether modified or unmodified, to third parties. You may not include the EasyScale script in any bundle or product that you sell or distribute, whether for free or for a fee. You may not claim ownership or authorship of the EasyScale Script, or use them in any way that infringes on Amanda Grace Design's intellectual property rights.

4. Limitation of Liability: Amanda Grace Design shall not be liable for any damages, losses, or expenses arising from the use or misuse of the brushes and templates.

EasyScale for Spoonflower - Photoshop Script

Here's What You'll Get:

Effortless Resizing: Automatically scale your patterns to Spoonflower's preferred sizes.
Seamless Organization: Enjoy auto-appended size information for tidy files.
Print Perfection: Achieve Spoonflower-ready 150 DPI for every design.
Easy Learning Curve: Jump right in with my instructional video for hassle-free installation and usage.

I believe in making the complex simple, giving you more time to unleash your creativity and less time on tedious tasks. Your journey towards more efficient pattern design starts now.

What People Are Saying:

As a new surface pattern designer, finding efficient ways to scale down my designs is crucial. Before using Mandy Corcoran’s Photoshop script, I spent hours on, what now takes literally seconds, scaling my designs for upload to places like Spoonflower or Society6. and it significantly streamlines my workflow. This script not only saves me time but also enhances my creative process, allowing for more freedom to explore ideas and business strategies. Mandy’s script is not just a tool; it’s an essential asset that has made a significant difference in how I approach my work. I highly recommend it to fellow designers looking to optimize their workflow and unlock new creative possibilities.

Roxy Perry